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Tech driven healthcare impact

Arintra addresses the complexities of the US healthcare system through tech expertise in Deep Learning and NLP. Our dedicated team is working to make a real impact with transformative solutions at the intersection of NLP, deep learning, and healthcare.
Director of NLP


Opening Quote

Medical coding leaders

The Arintra medical operation team is our backbone, specializing in domains to redefine medical coding. With expertise and technical prowess, they position Arintra at the forefront of healthcare innovation.
Senior Medical Coder


Tech and health synergy

Building Arintra requires technical know-how in Deep Learning, NLP; domain expertise in making medical knowledge graphs; business savvy for healthcare collaborations. Proud of our team’s capacity to address these issues and passion for finding solutions.
Head of Engineering


Breakthroughs in health tech

As Arintra's Engineering Manager, I lead a team driving breakthroughs in medical coding technology. Together, we innovate with purpose striving to make a real difference in healthcare solutions.
Engineering Manager


Designing Medical Interfaces

At Arintra, I blend creativity with purpose, crafting interfaces for transformative autonomous medical coding solutions. The collaborative environment values impactful design, making every project meaningful.
Visual Designer